App Gallery My Apps empty for one user

I have a new user and when he goes to the My Apps page it is completely empty. We’ve logged out/in, re-installed Appsheet, etc. Not sure what to do.

Other notes:
1-He can access fine using his web browser, the issue is only on his iPhone (and he’s tried 2 phones)
2-He was able to access things once… then he had to re-login and the My Apps are empty now.

Any ideas what else to look at. Thank you.

Interesting – we tried with a different user ID and it’s the same thing. iPhone issue perhaps? security on the iPhone?

Please engage for help with this.

Are you talking about a new user to use your app or a developer to help develop apps?

My Apps is for apps you have made yourself. Shared Apps is for apps that were shared with you. It sounds like this person is just looking in the wrong spot.


Ahh, Agree. :smile:

Thank you for the suggestion – let me confirm that is the case.