App Gallery vs My Apps display order

In the editor that we use in our browsers, My Apps displays our apps in the order that they have been edited, with recently edited apps on top. In the App Gallery in our phones, however, the apps are displayed in the order in which they were begun. This means that if we have recently tweaked an app that we began a long time ago, it will be shown at or near the top in My Apps but may be buried deep inside of the App Gallery if we have a lot of apps.

This is a bug, isn’t it? Shouldn’t the App Gallery display apps in the same order as My Apps? Also, am I the only one who is bothered by this? I looked but couldn’t find any mention of the issue in the community.

By the way, now that I know how this works it’s merely an inconvenience to scroll down to a recently edited app that was begun a long time ago. However, when, I first noticed the issue, I didn’t understand what was happening and thought my app had been erased. It was very disconcerting and the confusion caused me to waste a chunk of time.


Yes, I agree.

To solve the problems, bettter to have the option for “sort order”, by name of app, most recent edit, most recent usage, etc on demands of app creator/users.