App: go to another view within this app

I have two tables as my database, the second one is my ref table.

The first (Request) one includes columns like: “Id_request” and of course the default starting value for this coulumn is “UNIQUEID()” The ref table (Function) has references by “Id_request”. Because a lot of things can be related to the “Id_request” and has the same value, and this ref table has own “Id_function” which is Unique. I’d like to do action which provides me from first table as a form (save AS action) to the view of my second table ( form view). I’ve made action: “App: go to another view within this app” and as a target i have set “LINKTOROW([_THISROW].[Id_request],“Function_Form”)”. I have set event action “Form Saved” on my main table (view). But it doesn’t work, I was moved to the correct view but i get comunication “Key field 'Id_function” is required" after i’m trying to save my form (ref)

I assume you created the “Function_Form” with the datasource as the Function table.

LINKTOROW() function opens an existing row in Edit mode. The first parameter MUST BE a key that is already present in the datasource table of the view specified - in your case “Function_Form” which, again, I assume has the datasource as Function table.

I can guess that maybe you are trying to do one of two things:

  1. Add a NEW Function row pre-setting the “ID_Request” reference. In this case you will want to use the LINKTOFORM() function.

  2. Open an existing Function row to edit it. If so, then you need to identify the correct “ID_Function” key value and pass that instead of [_THISROW].[Id_request].

Which result are you looking to achieve?