App Ideas for COVID-19?

Hi, medstudent in San Francisco here. So inspired by everyone’s apps, whether they are in the form of ideas, sample apps, or MVP’s. I’ve seen apps that help hospitals assess bed capacity, apps that act as daily checklists for sterilizing surfaces, apps that help disaster agencies distribute resources, and apps that inform ordinary people to navigate through the current crises.

Many of us in the health field are also worried about COVID-19’s longer lasting impacts on people’s chronic health conditions.

So I wonder if we can discuss any challenges, such as the ones referenced above, that would necessitate the development of a public app in order to provide aid to people, connect people, or give a clear, adaptive action plans to beat the aftershocks of COVID-19.

Can the app connect community champions without asking for too much personal information? Collect data on chronic disease right now that can be useful in the long run? Let’s discuss.


May not be exactly what you’re thinking about, but seems like combating resource scarcity is central to most current efforts - there’s a singular focus on managing existing assets more efficiently, or helping produce in new ways. Regions are at different stages though - as some regions move past their peak demand for healthcare supplies/services, there will still be areas just ramping up.

Seems like there’s opportunity longer term to support the redistribution/movement of these resources as different areas are affected by these aftershocks at different times. For example, as core metro areas start recovering suburban or rural clinics may still be peaking - are there ways we can help facilitate the movement of those supplies in ways that otherwise have no infrastructure to support? Supply of a lot of these items/services will catch up quickly, and I imagine a challenge will be making sure they end up in the right place at the right time for regions still working their way through the worst of it. (Ventilators specifically come to mind first).

Ideas that come to mind include an app that could help folks with:

  • tracking vitals signs, glucose levels, uncontrolled symptoms, and depression/anxiety screeners with automated alerts (no identifying info except for an assigned ID#)
  • list of chronic disease education documents
  • a link to a telemedicine portal (Doctor on Demand, etc.)
    (just some quick thoughts)

Yes, ventilators are for sure the talk of the current discussions on resource scarcity. PPE shortages as well.

How can we best use Appsheet to shunt these resources to specific regions:

• Who would be the primary users? How can Appsheet apps for resources maintain information integrity while keeping anonymity? For example, in the Sample App “Med Supply Exchange” below, how do we know if the inputs are not fake news?

• What criteria can anonymous users get Pop-up notifications if there are supplies available for them without checking the App constantly?

• What automated workflows / reports can Appsheet generate to shunt resources without too much human busy work? Maybe for suggesting chronic disease education documents as @Ron_Mansolo noted based on specific issues a user inputs on an intake / update form.

In the ‘Med Supply Exchange’ example, I built in a simple notification that looks at the list of items people have logged as ‘low’ or ‘surplus’, then as new posts are made, a notification is sent to any contacts interested in the same item.

For example, someone at Clinic A may make a post requesting gloves. Separately, Clinic B has a surplus of gloves and wants to donate/sell, they create a surplus post of that item. At that time, the workflow scans the listing of contacts that have made a post regarding gloves, and pings them with an email that Clinic B has supply to move. (Always looks for a corresponding item, but opposite status of ‘low’ vs ‘surplus’ in order to notify only relevant contacts).

Fake input controls may be tricky - one thought is that we need domain information about each clinic/organization, and only people logged in with an email corresponding to that domain would have permission to post on its behalf?


This would be a nice feature. Is there any way to remind users to make their ‘Surplus’ offer time-limited? Because as the day-to-day operations change, that ‘Surplus’ may not be a surplus anymore.

I would also assume the “From” field from these emails would be the app creator’s email? How does Appsheet prevent that email against going directly into Spam?

Would the free plans Appsheet currently offers for COVID efforts allow for these multi-domain permissions?

And regarding scaling this user authentication to multiple clinics, how would Appsheet price those? Suppose we reached the User quote (if there is one) at 100, but we need to add 100 more. How would Appsheet allow for additional users?

I figure this could be done with a Report that is sent out to all users that excludes those requests or posts that are X days old.

@Peter appreciate the feedback. Definitely want to see how this could work for messaging users without ending up in Spam or getting swamped in User Licenses.