App Interface for Users panel

In a large scale business solutions, with dozens of users world-wide, it’s necessary to maintain a secure list of email addresses that should have access to the app - and further, details about these users (such as their Role, access to certain data, etc.) are really helpful to bring out a higher degree of functionality from your app.

The current method of handling this is split between two places:

  • Users panel in (to control actual access to the app); and
  • Users table built into the app (to control aspects inside the app).

It would be great if there was a menu element where we could have all the controls of the Users panel, but built into the app.
A place where we could

  • Add/Remove/Edit authorized emails
  • Change roles, version they see, etc.
  • Basically do anything that’s possible from the User panel


Obviously only users marked as Admins would be able to see/edit anything, and it should be optional, but having this INSIDE the app would prevent someone from having to go out of the app into the editor to manage things.

This would bring about the ability to manage the user white list inside an app.

On a more personal note: currently I’ve got an app that we’re slowly working on rolling out a Cognito integration; but this has added yet another layer to manage - but I think I might be able to build some sort of integration with an appsheet app to manage that layer :wink: .

I’m looking to offload the work of managing the user list to someone more directly involved with those operations, but I’m not too keen on giving them access to the actual editor.

If there was an interface that I could turn on for these admin users, then THEY could manage everything directly from the app.

As always thanks for considering! (^_^)

I agree - there are so many layers at which permissions need to be managed starting with the app developer on down. There is the “app owner” or “app ideator” who may own a business that has users with several roles/access and he now wants to share the app with another business owner who may have users needing slightly different roles/access and for the app developer, this user and access management soon spirals out of control.

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