App is creating duplicate entries and replacing existing rows

How do!! Me again,

My app seems to be duplicating rows and putting the duplicate in a row further down the sheet, sometimes immediately below and sometimes a few rows down.

The app itself is a complaint case management app. Our customer service bods log a complaint via a google form and Tyr (the app) displays the data from each row in a unique record. We have several processes such as triage, issuing communication at certain stages, etc and these processes are sliced into different views to act as a case load for each stage.

We have noticed that the app will sometimes take the updated data for a record and add it to the sheet instead of updating the existing record. This is a problem as we are required to follow certain processes as part of our regulatory requirements and if complaints get overwritten we miss those milestones.

I have found out that the two of the users have two email addresses associated with their google accounts that they sign into the app with. Would this have anything to do with it? And if not, does anyone have any idea what might be causing it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Do not use _ROWNUMBER as your table’s key column.

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Some wise advice:


Cheers guys, I have a unique ID column already included. I’ll use that as the key moving forwards and hopefully that will stop it breaking

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