App is Ready to Share! (I think)

My app is ready for beta testing. So far I’ve been the sole person testing/building, etc. I have a few friends that I want to share it with to test but I have questions before I do so.

The app is designed for the user to enter their own data into the app. They’re not supposed to see other people’s entries or views generated by the app. It’s designed for the user only.

  1. Do I need to add a Virtual Column (app formula) = USERMAIL() to ALL of my tables to prevent all the data from all users being entered?
  2. Following that, set security settings to USERMAIL() for each table?

Thanks in advance! Any guidance on this would be great.
This is my first app created!

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All tables need to have something that you can use for the security filter. The easiest way is if you add a normal column with an initial value USEREMAIL() and you set that field not editable (you could hide that column as well). Then you can use a security filter as USEREMAIL()=[EmailColumn]. This will ensure that others are not able to see your data from that table. If you need to do that for other tables as well, method is the same. Please check this article…