App is syncing without user pressing

I have an app set to Delayed Sync, but it is syncing itself randomly which stops them being able to use it.
Does this happen when the app has a large amount of changes to sync?

The wifi is sometimes patchy there, could that be acause?

If you have the option “Automatic updates” set as ON, it will sync your app every 30 minutes and that might be the reason for this.

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That is set as ON because it needs to receive updated information for new orders.
And i want the app to sync in the background, which is what I assume this also does.

That is set as ON in all our other picking apps and they haven’t reported any random syncing on those.

Automatic updates doesn’t force a “real” sync as far as I’ve experienced. Do you have any context as to what the user is doing when this random sync occurs? And are you able to re-create it yourself?

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I don’t think there is any specific thing they are doing. Sometimes it’s when they are using it, sometimes when it’s sitting on the side while they are packing an order.

The app does have a lot of action buttons so each order has a lot of changes marked quickly which it then needs to update.