App Launcher - "External" Apps

Can I have other applications represented within the app launcher?
I imagine they would of course have to have them already on their device, but so that they could launch say TSheets from inside an app launcher.

Yes you can do that. For example if you have an app column, you could use value like…

I mean, like a NON-appsheet app, like whatsapp, or facebook, or plangrid…

I believe that’s not possible bud

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:smiley: :smiley: No, that’s not possible.

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Hi guys,

Is there anyway to get this to work? I have a use case of an App Launcher which contains a number of Appsheet apps and links to urls and the customer now wants to add a Whatsapp link which launches a specific chat group in Whatsapp.

The best you could do is create a full URL and launch the URL. Depending on the device configuration, the appropriate app may open the URL, or the browser will open the URL. There is no way to open WhatsApp or any other (non-AppSheet) app from an AppSheet app.

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