App Loads Only Newest 10 Entries Only For Performance Purposes- Can Load More If Scrolls Down

I have an app that team members post their activities into the app. I’m wondering if there
is there a tool / mechanism / expression in place that allows AppSheets to only load the first 10 entries (for example - this could be another number) in a Detail View / Card View / Table View (etc.) for performance purposes. If the users want to see more entries they could scroll down and the app loads the next 10 entries (and so forth).

I’m concerned about app load times, particularly if there are photos and images involved with each activity being uploaded into the app.

Sorry, not sure what the technical term of this behaviour is.


I suspect it’s something like “progressive loading”. I’m unaware of a way to do it with AppSheet.

The best solution I can come up with would be
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(view-name, expression-that-generates-first-10)
plus an Action
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(same-view, expression-that-generates-next-10)

The trick would be coming up with a simple expression that will always work for your action.

I mean appsheet can generally handle more than 10 records, if you’re not getting over a few thousand I would say don’t bother with this.

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