App Lock / PIN lock

Hi All,
Is there any way to force an app to require a PIN, password, fingerprint, faceID, etc before the app unlocks please?

We’d like to add another layer of security if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Never tried it but you could possibly do this in a hacky way with some clever apps script/webhook thingy/invoke refresh/google apps script clear column after 30 seconds in sheet combined with useremail() to go to ref view. :rofl: I wish I could explain better.

And hi btw!

Hello @TimU , if it’s another layer of security what you want, you should check this post out:

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Only way I’ve done something similar is to get the user to add a password, scan a QR Code etc into a UserSettings field. You then use the contents of that UserSettings to control Show_IF, Edit_IF etc

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