App logo creation

Hi! I’ve read what the following page says about the app logo:

“We encourage you to provide an icon that reflects your business or brand. This icon should be square and up to 196 X 196 pixels in size. We automatically resize it for different environments.”

This is clear enough but I’m still wondering how many of the logos on sample apps (made both by fellow creators and by AppSheet) have been made. Here are some questions I have in that regard:

  • Is there a library of creative commons (not sure if this is the right term) images that we can borrow or combine without concern about copyright?

  • In addition to the “custom” option, AppSheet has a very limited set of logos from which we can choose when we make an app. I’ve also noticed that there are quite a few interesting logos that are used in AppSheet sample apps. May we use one of those logos if it seems to fit the purpose of the app we are building and we don’t want to try to make our own?

  • Any recommendations regarding software or services to facilitate icon and/or logo building?


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Hello @Kirk_Masden, i don’t actually create the logos for my apps, i’ve found to be a pretty decent place to download some that others have created instead, it lets you download small image sizes for free, which is just what we need for logos.

I know it’s not related to logo creation, just leaving it here in case you need some inspiration for making your own logos hehe.


Cool!! What great service! Thanks!

I’m not trying to make an official logo so tweaking an icon like this might be enough. :wink:

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For icons (especially industry-specific sets), I like to use

Occasionally I create custom icons and SVGs using


I follow the suggesions from @GreenFlux @Rafael_ANEIC-PY , the services they introduce are the ones I frequently use on my apps.

On top of that, I use (almost daily) another tool , Canva, as well.

You can create anything.

Check it out.

I create, icon, business card, banner for blog … etc. etc.


Nothing to do with logo maker or image generators stuffs, but you may find interesting in this tool for your presentations at school?

It is kinds of Jamboard in Google, but far more powerful when you make a fancy presenation to your audience.

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Thanks! This seems to be quite powerful! The link you shared with us goes to a Japanese page but it’s also available in English:

I should add that I am a Mac user and I use Keynote for simple graphics and animations. Here’s one simple logo that I made with Keynote:


I was quite curious, though, about how other people are doing this.

I think that the range of logos that users can choose from for prototypes is extremely limited. It would be nice if AppSheet could expand this, as they once expanded the selection of icons.

I think it’s bigger than it should be as a logo but it works.

By the way, with sample or prototype apps, logos are replaced when copied. I’ve been asking about why this happens for a while now but have never gotten an official response. When a sample app is copied the ONLY part of it that is not copied, as far as I can see, is the branding. I would think that AppSheet would want to encourage the creation and distribution of user-created sample apps but invalidating the branding would seem to discourage it:

You can create GIFs easily, and as this sample, you can place on the appsheet app to use like a animated banner.

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Loads of possibilities but upto your imagination as always.


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What a surprise! :wink: Which tool did you use here?


30 sec job


All of the tools you have given me look great. I’m considering how I might use Miro in my classes. Thanks for everything!

You are always welcome, my friend.

Finally gif vesion sample. (again made by canva)



Wow!!! I put it in an app and the animation worked immediately. Very cool!!

Don’t use appsheet community place as “file hosting service” !!!

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Bunch of youtube are up to learn the basics and advanced for Canva. You wont be bored to learn new things. Enjoy


That looks more exciting than learning Bots .