App logo not showing on new installs

Our app logos have been unchanged for years. Now the logo is missing on the My Apps page and not showing with new installs. The icon is present on the Brand page.


Please contact Support for help with this.

Hi @Fof_Webmaster ,

Are the app logos showing now for you? Could you share if any solution you got from the support team?

I am also observing in the last couple of days that on the “My Apps” page, the app logos are not appearing for many apps.

Typically the logo not showing appears to be more for those apps where the custom logo has been added. However, it is not exactly always that way. Some custom logos are showing too.

Is anybody else experiencing this?


Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar
I just checked my apps today and my logos are not showing either. They did come back if I opened the apps up and closed them again.

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I haven’t noticed this problem myself but it came up on this thread:


Thank you @Lynn. I will test as per your observation and revert.

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Thank you Kirk. The issue seems to be with only a handful of accounts. I will test some more and post back if I come across something specific worth sharing.


Hi @Lynn : Your observation seems to be correct when I tested a few apps. Thank you.

Let us hope this is a one time activity and we will not need to repeat it often.


Me too.
I thinks is an error after Appsheet uodate since Oct-2021.