App Maker and Appsheet - Transformからappsheetへ

I posted my latest blog with subject “transform App Maker App to Appsheet”, but it is for my running local Appsheet site for Japanese.

Hope Google tells you what I wrote.

Anyway, after testing App Maker, I put my conclusion like this with the quick visual chart.

Chart is useful all the time to tell the story instantly.

The things App Maker could achieve with GAS or script, which can be achieved by Appsheet WITHOUT coding naturally. Good night everyone.

This blog and my post here was not prepared to insult anyone from App Maker, but I m staying with pretty much neutral position to assess two different tools to compare with least knowlege over App Maker.

I always stay “factual”.



Hi @tsuji_koichi, with the key of “without coding” you need to lower down the “green bar” on AppMaker since almost everything (not all), we have to code our self with AppMaker. The “coding” with AppMaker uses html, CSS, Javascript, AppsScript and deeply tied to any of Google API and any Google products. We should expect some of this capability to be “transferred” to AppSheet, but that should be done without compromising the principle that AppSheet is a no-code platform. But, I hope that this kind integration with other google product is not the first thing they do with AppSheet as that will lead to somewhere else.
In addition, I see that AppSheet is the only google product having a “family like” community and team support. I also hope that it will remains the same.