App Maker deprecated, customers steered to AppSheet

@praveen - Thanks as always for focusing on the end user (even if it’s an App Maker user). These transitions are never easy, but this certainly makes clear the confidence in the AppSheet platform and the great team behind it. Looking forward to what comes next!!


Exciting news. Happy to help where possible.


I’ll second the above. Any UK based App Maker users want a chat to discuss what Appsheet can do then please contact me.


Is some sort of automatic conversion of App Maker apps to AppSheet apps out of the question?


Hi, is appsheet capable of runing custom javascript code?
Is there any option in trial to connect to external database?
Is there any possibility to make custom html/javascript frontend elements?

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Hi @Igor_Sovcik

Yes you can connect to an external database to build free prototype apps.

Client-side logic is completely declarative — no code (no javascript, no procedural code at all). However, a variety of common UI metaphors are available out of the box.

If you can describe what your AM app does, someone here will likely be able to point you at something similar as a starting point. Thanks


@Igor_Sovcik welcome to the AppSheet community…Regarding your query:

No directly with JS but AppSheet is Google Apps Script compliant. You can support an AppSheet app with custom GAS via onChage(e) trigger or any GAS code deployed as web-app and integrated to your AppSheet App via custom webhook workflow.

Can you elaborate? What kinda external databases are you querying for?

Are you referring to creating custom front-end UI/UX elements within an AppSheet app?


Hi @JCadence
Do you have any information regarding integration of Appsheet in G Suite ?
I mean App Maker was a part of the suite at no extra cost and it is difficult to pay $5 or $10 per user in addition.


We using mysql in GCE

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Yes it’s possible to integrate an AppSheet app with MySQL in GCE


Will Appsheet restore its partner program?


The one thing that changed a passing look into a commitment with Appsheet was how ready everyone in the community was to help. Even @praveen patiently answered some of my initial “silly” questions… Ex App Makers will certainly appreciate the comradery here…


The level of devotion to customer success that @praveen and everybody at the AppSheet team has is unprecedented!

I look forward to seeing the types of apps that people have been making in app maker; I’m sure there’s some unique and challenging scenarios to translate into an AppSheet app, but I’m positive that with the collective skill of the community here we’ll be able to solve any puzzles as they arise.


Hi @Julien_Poirot At this time I don’t have a definitive answer for pricing, but we are hoping to have an answer to you by the end of the week. I’ll be certain to respond once I have this information available.


Thanks for this. I’m an AppSheet newbie trying to work out how to port my AppMaker apps and this quote seems like a path. What I’m missing is how exactly to run code to say create a new gsuite user which is something I now do with server side google app script via AppMaker interface triggered code. I think I wriggle my way through anything I can find in AppSheet documentation on AppSheet webhook workflow and follow that back to finding how to hook AppSheet apps into server side google app script code?

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You could start here:

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Hello to you all.
I am a G suite customer who bought it just for App maker.
Invested a few 100€ for training (app maker academy) and google cloud SQL and shared server in order to start working on my application.

My application would be in the end a portal for all farmers in my area where i live (i am a farmer also besides an IT job), to login to the portal and add points of littering on the lands they see, so the farmers can then go to their land and clean it.

Now as the app maker was cheap for 10€ a month for all i’m reluctant now to check other options how to do my application as it was planned.

Automatically it redirects us to appsheet, but it’s not the same as i think i would need to pay per user (or am i?) that logs into the portal and i’m pissed, as this is the second time i bought a google service and they discontinued it (wave was my first).

So please i would be more then thankful if you could tell me if i make a portal application, would my users also need to pay for it to login and access and enter data into it.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards;
Matej Rozman a former G suite user…

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Hi Matej, does your app need authentication… I mean is the data sensitive?

If the data is sensitive and you need be sure that other user’s data is not in other user’s device, you need to use security filters. For that feature, you would need to use Pro plan. You can find prices from

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Thank you Aleksi.

This is evident, as i read the documentation and i was thinking of going into pro edition as a first step.

But the only thing missing for me now is if i need to pay 10€ per user (logged in user) that logs to my portal and see and edits their data or is the pricing for a developer user.

Thank you in advance for your support and help: