App Maker deprecated, customers steered to AppSheet

Hello to you all.
I am a G suite customer who bought it just for App maker.
Invested a few 100€ for training (app maker academy) and google cloud SQL and shared server in order to start working on my application.

My application would be in the end a portal for all farmers in my area where i live (i am a farmer also besides an IT job), to login to the portal and add points of littering on the lands they see, so the farmers can then go to their land and clean it.

Now as the app maker was cheap for 10€ a month for all i’m reluctant now to check other options how to do my application as it was planned.

Automatically it redirects us to appsheet, but it’s not the same as i think i would need to pay per user (or am i?) that logs into the portal and i’m pissed, as this is the second time i bought a google service and they discontinued it (wave was my first).

So please i would be more then thankful if you could tell me if i make a portal application, would my users also need to pay for it to login and access and enter data into it.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards;
Matej Rozman a former G suite user…

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Hi Matej, does your app need authentication… I mean is the data sensitive?

If the data is sensitive and you need be sure that other user’s data is not in other user’s device, you need to use security filters. For that feature, you would need to use Pro plan. You can find prices from

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Thank you Aleksi.

This is evident, as i read the documentation and i was thinking of going into pro edition as a first step.

But the only thing missing for me now is if i need to pay 10€ per user (logged in user) that logs to my portal and see and edits their data or is the pricing for a developer user.

Thank you in advance for your support and help:

It’s the opposite. If you don’t use the app with the Appsheet app (from the mobile device) or Full screen mode with the browser, you don’t need license as an app creator… but your app users need it.

Hi @Matej! If you are a current user of App Maker please reach out to your Google customer service rep. We have a special plan PRO plan available for current App Maker customers transitioning to App Sheet. If you need additional details please don’t hesitate to reach out.


@Julien_Poirot we announced that for active App Maker G Suite customers, we are providing the AppSheet PRO plan at no extra cost for the lifetime of the G Suite membership. The details are in the App Maker forum.

Hi @Matej
For active App Maker G Suite customers, we are providing the AppSheet PRO plan at no extra cost for the lifetime of the G Suite membership. This should ease the transition from App Maker. The details are in the App Maker forum.

Thank you all. My case is in Google support right now. The issue we have is connectivity, dev. Options with scale, mass external users, Legal… It is a bit complex and sadly some competitors offer us more for the same.
But thx for the details.
Kind regards.

Hi @Matej what kind of functions you need are missing in AppSheet?

Well if we are talking regarding options,
the main we are missing is multi-server solution (testing, development, production) and version control.

The other thing that is huge for us is payment by end user, as many platforms you pay for developers or users who edit application, but have no limitations for portal users seeing their data nomather if it’s sensitive or not.

With scale this is more and more evident and eventually if you get lets say a pure profit of 50$ per user per month and you pay 10$ for platform in our case and based on the user that would be migrated from our main structure that is way more we pay now for on premise solution.
Bigger businesses stay away from those models as we do.

But i hope to sort this out with google, as to be honest your platform looks nice and it’s even easier to develop as it’s on appmaker or other competitors and that’s a bonus for us as we might deliver apps much faster to the market, so we are hoping for a positive feedback from google to get things done.

Kind regards.


@Matej feel free to send me a message ( with details on who you are engaged with on the Google side. I can try to follow up. Thanks

Hi everyone!

We just published a great resource to help answer a few common questions and get you started on your App Maker to AppSheet transition. we will continue to update this webpage as more information become available.

Hi Praveen sorry but I don’t understand what do you mean by Active App Maker G Suite Customers. I developed some applications with Google App Maker for my organization, which is a public administration. Currently these applications are used by about 50 users each logged in with their personal email being able to modify the application data. I was planning a new app which had to have a part visible to all members of the organization in view and search only. We are almost 2500 employees, all within GSuite! I can’t ask for a higher budget, so I wonder if I can do something similar on appsheet while keeping my current spending?

Hi @danzapp

If your organization is an active user of App Maker as a G Suite customer, you’re entitled to our special Pro Plan. The best to start is going to be completing this quick form which will allow us to validate your App Maker usage, issue your discount code and provide additional getting started information.

@JCadence I submitted the forum and I am waiting for the Approval. How long does it take? As I want ASAP to use AppSheet as my running Appmaker have issues and I want to create new App

Hi @Abdulrahman_Zaki thank you for reaching out. If you check your email inbox you should find a response to your earlier inquiry.

I’ve tried this app and it seems a bit confusing for me

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Hello @Alex_Ross, you might want to start by taking the short appsheet course on udemy to get you started, after that you can search just about everything in this forum or the help documentation (if you search SELECT() appsheet on google for example it gets you straight there), there’s also a lot of content in youtube about appsheet.

But again, my advice is that you start here:

Udemy course

If you see anything related to “workflows” you can ignore it tho, that has been changed.


Thanks for sharing. Gonna check out the link later