App Maker deprecated, customers steered to AppSheet


following the future switch from Google G Suite to Google workspace, I think I will lose my access to Appsheet.
Is it possible to switch from the custom subscription (not billed when replacing AppMaker with Appsheet) to a core appsheet subscription (which I will pay of course) without losing my applications?
Thank you in advance for your answers.

@Lwm you might want to reach out to about this - or some other email


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It’s very unfortunate because App Maker was a pretty good software and I used it with pleasure. But Appsheet seems to be even better. I’m glad I found it. It also has a lot of potential, so it’s probably gonna become better with the new updates. Anyway, while searching for alternatives, I’ve found a couple of other apps with similar features. For example, I’ve been using a no-code desktop app builder for 2 months already, and it showed great results. I was able to create 3 different apps in a relatively small amount of time. And it’s great when you don’t have to mess with codes that much, but just working with the construction.