App Maker to AppSheet Webinar Series: Overview

Hi everyone!

A very warm welcome to those from the App Maker community joining us to learn more about App Sheet and meet some of our team. Below you’ll find a recording of the video, please ask any additional questions you may have on this thread. We’ll do our best to address them in a timely manner.

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Please send us the recording after the session thanks!


I was told by someone from Google Cloud that the AppSheet promo code would be available for 1 year only and now you’re saying that it will be available for as long as we’re a G Suite customer.
Please clarify.


I wanted to know if App Sheet will be fully integrated to GSuite ?
Also I wanted also to know if it’s possible with App Sheet to manipulate (concat, split, etc) data coming from a form (for example) like we used to do using JavaScript ?

Thanks !

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Can we restrict certain functions @record level (Edit, View, Delete) to be available based on user roles?
Eg: Manager can only view/edit employee information and cannot delete employee records, where as HR/Admins can view/edit/delete employee records.

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I believe that all of our active AppMaker apps use the “default” Cloud SQL DB that we configured a while ago. Looking at that DB, the dataset names are very cryptic. Will AppSheet know which datasets are associated with specific AppMaker apps?

Good morning!

Thank you for this webinar! I had a client reach out to AppSheet and here is what an AppSheet rep stated regarding this conversion.

“Currently there isn’t a discount for G-Suite users, but as we become more integrated into Google this may or may not change. However, you can build apps for free with AppSheet to see if our platform is a good fit for your organization. You can create a Free account at”

As AppsSheet states this yet Google states otherwise, this might lead to confusion.

Thank you again! Take care!

About Security, AppSheet ask for permissions form my Data, Is It Safe?

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Hello again!

Would you be able to go over how we connect G Suite accounts to AppSheet so our clients can take advantage of the AppSheet Pro?

Thank you!

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I’m a question asking machine!

“Is the data stored in AppSheet or is it updating data back to the original Sheets?”

Thank you again!


Is there Offline PWA type functionality?

When you deploy, Do you deploy a Mobile App or a Responsive Web App?

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I have several questions:

  • Is it possible to secure and share email with Google Groups instead of emails list ?
  • Do you plan to integrate multi-language as it will be important for large organization ?


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Another question:
Does the pro plan allow Cloud SQL integration. It will be mandatory for our transition to App Sheet ?


Will AppSheet be included as a core G Suite product, covered by the same SLA?


Please refer to @praveen’s post here:

The data and the back-end is always stored in your Cloud storage associated with your account.

Refer to @praveen’s post here:

Any AppSheet app can work in offline mode except that the app should have an active internet connection when it’s initially launched to fetch the latest data and app schema from the AppSheet server. You can read from here:

Will that be in a contract?