App Maker to AppSheet Webinar Series: Security, References, Workflow, & Intelligence

Hi Everyone!

In today’s session we discussed the following:

  • Security
  • References
  • Workflow (with an approvals based sample app)
  • Intelligence

Please post your follow up questions below and we’ll see you next time!

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Upps, sorry Jen.
I was just clicking the link available on the side of webinar

Totally ok! We posted two links- the original master thread and then one below for this weeks session. Glad you were able to join us today @Heru :slight_smile:

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As discussed in the webinar, you can view the feature request forum here

Can we add SNAPSHOT() for the result of smart assistance? and add action to it?

A few outstanding topics from todays session:

Questions on Keys: Please review “What is a key” and “Sequential keys”

Drop down content: You’ll want to review material related to Enum lists. There’s significant amount of it in the community, I would also encourage reviewing “Dropdown from simple list of values,” “Multi page forms with conditional branching,” and “Workflows”

For questions related to language and locals: “Localize” and “Locals”

For access to Hayden’s sample applications please see the following:

Document Approval App (leverage workflows)

Dependent Drop Downs

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As the expression name expresses, it take a snapshot of chart type view, when you pass the value of view name into the expression. This feature is kinda of beta for almost 3 years or more? I never used in my production app unfortunately.

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@JCadence, for information, maybe because it was night at my time during this webinar, but it seems that the question from me did not come through to you. Even I have tried to “rise my hand” for attention.
Also the link, I was so confused where to post the question. is it on this forum link or that forum link or even your email.
However, I am glad that I was able to join and hope also the last AppMaker webinar next month.

Additional request, will it be possible to share the script that was presented by Christian and make it available on this forum also.

Hi @Heru

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I’m not able to answer every question or comment that comes into our webinars or on our community forum, although I try my best. As you and I have previously discussed, all sales related questions must go through one of our sales reps. Because I am not one of these reps, I do not want to provide inaccurate information as this is a disservice to what you are trying to accomplish. Please schedule your call and raise your list of questions with our team when you have your discussion as they can provide you with the best, most accurate information.

Noted @JCadence, I thought it was the webinar tool issue. I understand now.