App Maker to AppSheet Webinar Series: UX, Sample Apps and more

Hi everyone!

For those looking for more information to help transition your App Maker applications to AppSheet, the recording from today’s App Maker to AppSheet webinar can be found below.

Click here for access to the App Maker template apps we walked through in this session

We’ll be hosting our next webinar on Wednesday, March 4th at 8:30am PST To register, please sign up with the link posted on the App Maker to AppSheet Transition Guide

Post any additional questions here and happy app building!

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I’ve got an Action button that I’d like to overlay on the table view but it only seems to appear in the detail view. Are only certain Actions available in certain view types?


I wanted to know when Apps Script integration in webhook will be available ?

Thank you in advance


Hi @Annitha!

Thank you for your question. At this time, we’re still in the early stages of evaluation. We’ll provide more information once it becomes available.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Hello, waiting for the webinar to start, but I wish you discuss in detail the economic change and impact on going forward with a app maker to appsheet transition.

This will be a very hot topic in our company, also as we are in the hotel and travel business, we are very affected by the covid-19 problems and have a constrained budget right now.

Also it is not really clear on what the economic impact will be for applications which > 100 users would have to use.

thank you

Question: To set policy, requires enterprise/corporate plan?

Hi @Raimund_Sacherer! We just reviewed your question in the webinar. To get started with your special offer, please complete this form

Just a reminder to everyone, the current sessions thread is taking place here App Maker to AppSheet Webinar Series: Security, References, Workflow, & Intelligence


how strange, i was in the webinar the whole time, there was the sound check and then waiting for more people to connect, i saw the start screen of the presentation and it kept like this without movement and audio the whole time and I thought it might start at a later point, now I see that it is supposedly over and I missed it. Did the webinar got recorded?


Hi @Annitha We briefly discussed Apps script and webhooks in todays session. I believe it’s the last 10 mins of the video, you can find it in this post

App Maker to AppSheet Webinar Series: Security, References, Workflow, & Intelligence

Hi @Raimund_Sacherer

So sorry to hear you encountered some technical difficulties. Today’s was recorded and can be view on this thread