App Maker transition - GAS

Today, I met with the potential client who does have bunch of App Maker made App with them, and need to transform them onto Appsheet app and did have pretty much interesting discussion, so let me share my experience.

They do have super nice App with App Maker, basically they did loads of works to develop and some of them bunch of GAS (Google App Script) are kicked in.

Question from them was asked how to implement GAS to Appsheet?

After quickly reviewing their app, my answer was “why you need to stick with GAS” as we can do exactly the same without GAS with Appsheet.

People tends to believe, especially for those who never tough Appsheet, to do complex jobs with scripts, like GAS, but I realized most of the stuffs we can do without coding with Appsheet. Trust me.

My basic notion as developer (for Appsheet at least) is NOT TO EMPLOY SCRIPT as much as possible, regardless of what we do.

App Maker apps looks awesome and beautiful, especially the optimized view and UI for FORM where app users heavily access to entry the data on the PC. Appsheet currently is on “one field per line” setting, which is making PC (browser) user of the Appsheet bit annoying to enter data, as it is not necessarily “optimized” to desktop view.

I hope the benefit and positive stuffs out of App Maker will be inherited to the new generation and version of appsheet in everywhere.

For instance, the form view is “optimized and responsible” based on user devices, to display with single or multiple columns etc, but natively.


thanks for your feedback, as usual! :slight_smile: