App name not appearing at top of screen

I would like the app name to appear at the top of the screen for all views. At the moment, the header area is blank on all views.
In UX>General>options, I have the toggle for “Show view name in header” OFF.
The app name is in the short name in Info>Properties, but it isn’t appearing.
Is there something else I need to do?

After some resent UI updates, I’m afraid the app name is not shown anymore. You can show only view names.

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The app name DOES show now at the top of the side menu when it is activated.


Yep John beats me to it. That is right we moved it there as part of the Mobile APP UI refresh.

Is this a permanent change…meaning the decision has been made to NOT show it at the top of the view?

I ask only because a previous post suggested that the removal at the top of the view was temporary.

Yes it is intended as it’s permanent location moving forward.
There was a phase where the App name had been removed entirely while it was being transitioned from the header to the side menu. That’s why I made a comment that the disappearance of the app name was temporary. It was not referring to its location.
The goal here is the provide more real estate for your data on the screen which is where people want and need to spend the majority of their time with the app.
One of the goals of the app redesign is more clarity of the information and more emphasis on your data.


Got it! Thanks for the clarification! Personally, I like this new look.

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I’m not sure how omitting the App name gives you any more real estate. In our apps the App name appeared between the menu icon and the search icon at the top of the screen. Now that area is blank. No increase in screen real estate.
I’m glad the disappearance of the name isn’t a result of something I’m doing wrong, but I would plead with you to consider having the option to display the name back in the UI,

The app name does appear statically at the top of the Menu.

The space where the app name WAS can now be optionally filled in by the View Name.

I, for one, find far more value in being able to display the View name. In business apps, I don’t believe users need to be constantly reminded of which app they are in, they typically know. And if they need a reminder they can flip over to the Menu.

Having said that, I would be ok with showing either the App Name OR the View Name…but NOT BOTH. Both would take up screen real estate.

One last tidbit, while not ideal, you can still show the App Name by turning on the option to show the View Name and updating the Display Name in each view to be the App Name. This is tedious which is why I’m okay with the option to show App Name

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