App not opening offline

Hello, I hav an app that I have been using for about 4 months. I recently realized that it no longer opens offline like before. I did some updated, deleted the old one and installed a new version using the email

One important pre-condition for all offline access is that the app must initially be launched on the device when it is online.

This allows the needed information to be downloaded and stored locally.

Yes I have done that. I uninstalled, installed when the phone was online and entered data to all the apps in the app launcher and still it does not work offline.

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Due to the recent update iOS, the behavior of Appsheet is changing with my I Phone. Whenever we launch the app, I m asked “Do you want to open app in browser?” which never happened before I update the OS.
Contacted Appsheet support, this seems to be a problem coming from most latest OS.

Likewise, it is possible your problem may have the OS issue with your android. Suggest you sent query and support request to



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