App not saving and browser just keeps loading


I was wondering if anyone is currently having issues with saving changes or restructuring columns in a table.

I have just noticed this issue started about 2 days ago but right now it’s been worst. I am unable to save any changes. I also need to restructure the table and the browser just keeps loading. If I cancel or refresh the page, it would go back to its original state and it won’t save any changes.

The app currently connects to 3 different google sheets and has more than 15 tables. I need to work on consolidating the tables but it won’t let me save changes.

Hi @AppsheetNoob69

sounds like a bug, you may want to contact Support here:


Contacting Support is a good idea. Also try clearing your browser’s cache.

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Thanks for the reply @Steve it only occurs for this particular account. It only has 1 app. My own Appsheet account has not issue.

Is it possible that the region may cause the issue?

Hi everyone. I apologize for the delayed update. Turns out the issue was with my internet connection. The download was high but my upload would not even reach 1mbps.