App not syncing for certain users

I made a change to the app that caused the following error code:

Value “Fort Worth” in field “Office” cannot be converted to type “Enum”

Once I realized that I fixed it. However, several of my users are not able to sync the app to get the new version due to this error message. They have several synced changes in the queue. I was able to get one of their accts to work by selecting “Reset Changes” on their app. The app dumped the changes then synced with the server and pulled down the new version of the app.

I know I can do this for all users now, but I really don’t want them to lose their changes in the queue if we can help it. Does anyone know how to force a sync in this situation? Or how to view the changes they have in the queue so they could reenter them? I tried selecting “Show Changes” and I received an error message from Google Sheets saying my request was too large.

Thanks in advance for any help.