App preview in editor

Hey everyone,

Has anyone else noticed the app preview in editor has changed? I used to use the buttons at the bottom to navigate in the editor which has now become cumbersome as they have moved out of screen.

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Yes, I have noticed this today.

Maybe the editor UI changed?

Now it’s a little unintuitive to scroll up and down the screen between clicking the links for table or views and accessing the hamburger menu button.

A suggestion if possible to swap position of preview app as field and the links for views and tables?

It is strange. It is not happening on my browser. Just for your guidance.

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Video recorded on my Android mobile device showing that the hamburger menu and links for views are accessible one at a time by manually using vertical scroll.

If my memory serves me right, earlier scrolling was not needed on my mobile device, maybe the UI editor changed.

I also confirm that this is not an issue on my desktop browser.


I figured it out. Change the zoom to 90% on your browser and it will show.