App Preview opening to blank page - and I can't get out!

It seems that whenever I open some apps to edit… the preview opens to a blank page that I can’t get out of.

I’ve found 4 apps that have this problem so far.

It appears to be on every app that has been shared with me actually.

So far, every app in this category I’ve opened is opening to a blank screen in the app preview like I’ve shown above. Some have views available at the bottom, however they are not functional:

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Hi I am having the same problem with an app shared to me. A blank unresponsive screen. I could still copy the app and the see the data but not on the original shared one.

Sent an email to support

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Great, thanks

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Hi guys, this will happen with emulator if you haven’t accepted rules and terms. You need to open the app in a full screen mode, accept and then refresh the page in the editor. This is a known issue and we are working with it.


Hi @Aleksi @MultiTech_Visions
Thank you that has solved the problem.

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You’re welcome


Silly question, what do you mean by “Full screen mode”? I presume it’s the “Open in new tab” button in the top right of the editor image

I am not sure what you what you mean by accepting the rules and terms. I presume it is the “google sign in” screen you’d get when you log in to your app image image

If that is the case. I have done all of that and I still have no preview after a refresh in the preview section. image

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Hey Tom.

I did what Aleksi suggested and it DID solve my problem. Perhaps it’s a matter of refreshing your editor window, maybe close it all the way?

“Open in tab” will open the app in a full screen mode in your browser.

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Then I have done all of the suggested steps correctly several times and it did not fix the issue.

I have done the following with no success (several times):

  • Viewed in full screen and logged off the app then logged in and accepted the google terms
  • refreshed the editor
  • reopened the app editor
  • closed the browser (chrome) and reloaded app and editor

Success! I rebooted my laptop. There must have been something caught up in RAM that cleared when I restarted.

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And I mean this page you need to accept when the new tab is opened…