App Pricing with Different Plans

I have a Premium app with 6 or so users. I’ve built a second app, in which it will need to be Pro based on some workflows. I thought I understood that the 6 user would be $5/mo, and the users using the Pro app would be $10/mo each. I’m being prompted when I upgrade the plan that I will be charged $70/mo…
I should be charged:
6 x $5 = $30
1 x $10
Total $40

Am I looking at this correctly?

Hello Joe, your AppSheet account is governed by one subscription (i.e. it is not possible to have some users on Premium, and some users on Pro subscription under one account). In this situation, once any Pro feature is enabled within any of the deployed apps, all users will need to be counted as Pro users.

To avoid this overcharge, you can set up two separate AppSheet accounts - each for one fo the subscriptions. Keep in mind, the apps under those accounts will be hosted separately.

If I understand correctly, I cannot have two apps on different plans under the same account?
App “A” is Publisher_Pro ($50USD/mo/app), because I need White Label, and App “B” is Pro($10USD/mo/user) because I need automatic WorkFlows.
In total I should pay $60USD.

I would need to have two different appsheet accounts? One for each app?

Is this assumption correct?


You cannot have different AppSheet subscriptions under the same account. To go with both premium and pro, you need 2 different AppSheet IDs (therefore 2 different email addresses to sign-in)

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He can create two apps in same account and in same backend, each app in particular plan.

You can’t sign-in to 2 different AppSheet accounts with the same email address if that’s what you are saying.

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Thank you Levent!

You’re welcome