App Session Timeout

I find myself needing the ability to restrict how long any particular login will be valid - a way to automatically log users out of the app after X amount of time has passed.

Main reason:

I can’t build a HIPPA compliant system using AppSheet if I can log into the system once and forever be logged in; if I walk away from the computer for the weekend (and don’t log out), I need the app to lock itself down.

Sure… I could build in some sort of ticketing system into my app, put conditional statements on all the views, etc. But that wouldn’t really “secure” the app, merely providing the illusion of security, as the login is still valid and access is still granted.

What I really need is a way to force an open app back to the login screen, logging the person out automatically, after they’ve been inactive for X amount of time.

I’ve built an app that uses Cognito for it’s authentication provider; I’ve looked through the documentation there, briefly there’s a lot, but haven’t found anything that would look like it would solve this problem.

I did find this:

So I’m able to restrict to 24 hours; I’m wondering about a tighter restriction than that.

As always, thanks for your consideration!