App showing items that I have chosen to not be shown

The title of my question may not be worded quite as it should but.
I have an inventory app where some items I will be deleting as I go along marked as Depleted…
I would like the main page [Log] to not show items that have been marked as “Depleted”
I have put the following in the UX [Log] view under Display, Show If
SHOW_IF Status <> “Depleted”
It shows below: (“SHOW_IF Status”) is not equal to (“Depleted”)
The main Log page still shows item that have been depleted.
Is there a way I can have the main page not show these items?
I have another view where I can see all the items I have marked as Depleted.

Placing it in the view definition affects whether the view itself is shown or not. I don’t think that’s what you want.

Instead, you want to create a Slice and place in the Row Filter condition your expression.

Then change your view to use the Slice in its “For this data” selection.

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I put the same condition in a new slice “Log”
SHOW_IF Status <> “Depleted”
Directed the view to use the Log slice but it still shows the Depleted items in the main view.
Is this not the right condition to use?

Well, I found that rather than state what I did not want it to show, using
CONTAINS ([Status], “Good”)
Now only shows the items in the main view marked as Good.
For some reason I also had to change my Depleted slice to
CONTAINS ([Status], “Depleted”)
to only show items that have been removed.
Thank you for your suggestion, I have it working as I’d like now.

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Sorry, I didn’t take your text literally as the full expression. What you wanted was:

[Status] <> "Depleted"

If there are leading or trailing spaces then it won’t match properly so you would need to account for that by using a CONTAINS() or a TRIM() function. TRIM would look like this:

TRIM([Status]) <> "Depleted"


Thank you, I will remember that for future reference.