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I could use some advice with how to share/structure my app with another department agency where we would share only one table, the ClientTbl, which is the parent to all other tables. I’ve built a very simple app for my department for completing detention assessments on Juveniles who’ve been arrested. My app only has a few tables, ClientTbl, DetentionScreenTbl, DetentionHearingTbl, and UserTbl. My app is working great and is proving to be very helpful. I’d like to allow another county to also use the app as well, but they use a different detention screening instrument, i.e. DetentionScreenTbl so I cannot simple allow them to use the app as is, I will need to build a DetentionScreenTbl specific to them. It is possible that from time to time that we are screening the same Juveniles, just at different times, so I’d like for both agencies to be working from the same ClientTbl. My thought is to simply build a second app, add the ClientTbl from my currently working app, and then just build out this second app as I did mine. This was we’d all be working from the same list of clients, but the users would not be able to see another counties detention assessments and detention hearings. I’m thinking that this may cause issues with my unique ID’s that are currently in place in the ClientTbl as these only exist in the app and not the spreadsheet.

Thank you in advance for your advice and suggestions!

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I would think it would work to have two apps sharing only the one table in common, BUT you must move the primary key, UNIQUEID, to the underlying table. Why is it only in the app? I didn’t even think a VC could be a primary key.

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Hey @Tom1

You might consider simply using one app instead of many.

  • If you consider the future in this, it’s possible that you could have many more copies of this app if things go well. But that brings with it all sorts of work-load issues: if you change something in one, now you’ve got to do it in all of them.

I have a video that shows how you can change your app around so that multiple companies can use the same one - the idea could be adapted for you: multiple facilities.

  • Even if you have to build a specific table for another facility, the security filters would prevent any data from getting to someone that shouldn’t have it.
  • The process is surprisingly simple and easy to setup.
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