App Subscription Plan

I am sure this question has been asked already, but I created an app that allows realtors to refer my business. Quick and easy. I really need to require user login, because USEREMAIL() is a function that is necessary. I am hoping to get the buy in of 50 realtors, who may only use the app a few times a year. Its not economical to spend $500 per month on this app. Is there another way, like whitelist app? (not sure how those work)

Your cheapest option is $5 per user per month if you require a login and therefore can use UserEmail(). Also unless all 50 are going to use the App each month you might get away with buying less than 50 licenses. Since Appsheet bills on the number of unique users each month.

You can’t do a publisher type app with a login. only annoymous login.

One option might be to give the realtors a publisher App at a cost of $50 per month, but which really only gives them a form to complete. Then get them to ID themselves in the same form via a barcode, QR Code or NFC tag.

could I just give each person a unique ID? How would that work?

Thats what I meant in the last sentance. It might be better to explain this one on the phone.

Email me on and let me explain what I’d do :slight_smile: