App Suddenly missing all Images

I have an invoicing app that contains document images for every invoice. Today they have gone missing from the app but I can still access them if I take my default folder and the image cell and navigate to them in my google drive. I have not posted any updates to the app over the weekend and they were there friday. Is anyone else missing images/files?

I recommend you contact directly for help with this.

After doing a little bit of investigating myself to see what could have changed, I did contact support directly.

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Hello, I have a problem similar to my images do not open when clicking on the hyperlink, I do not know if it is because I have a free account, have you solved the problem?


Bad Request is what I get when I try to open the files while in my app as well. I also get an invalid field selection id error whenever I try to add a file to app. I also got this error a handful of times while trying to create a new app using the data from this table.

@Moises_Cepeda and @Austin_Lambeth, please contact directly for help with this.