App Syncing Issues due to Mismatched number of columns

When I try to sync the app I get this error.

Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘Inventory’ – Error: There is a mismatch in the numbers of columns between the spreadsheet for Setup and the table scheme. The table has 10 columns, but the schema has 9 columns, Please Regenerate the table column structure. Error: Data table 'ToolTrackerApp-676669:1000395; Setup is not available Error: Data Table ‘Setup’ is either inaccessible or empty.

I have switched the app to recovery mode and the issue still remains. I have regenerated the ‘Setup’ table and the issue remains. I made a simple change and saved the app to “notify users”. The issue still remains.

Any and all help would be helpful. Thank you

Please contact for help with this.