App takes so long after clicking save button (Delayed Sync activated)

Hi everyone.

I have an app with several views. At one of these, when user clicks the button for save, it hangs and takes several seconds to return to the table view. Some times even shows a browser message saying that page doesn’t respond. This happens before I click the sync button.

If I do this at another form, after clicking save button, it does everything quickly. I recorded a video that shows this behavior with both forms.

Saving Issue

I deleted all workflows applying to that table, but stills the same.

As I know, can take some time when i click the sync button, but not when i click save button.

Also I have Setup as follows:

Cloud SQL database
Enabled Delayed Sync
Enabled Server caching

I’m attaching an image with sync setup.

Thanks for your help.


Do you have a Form Saved event action attached to the form?

How large is your data set?

Hi Steve, thanks for answering.

The table had 14,463 rows with 44 columns. With that size, saving took about 30 seconds. I did a backup and reduce to 3,680 rows. Also deleted 2 table indexes and after, the time saving has been reduced to 9 seconds (which i still think it’s a lot) .

I have some actions attached to the table, but all of them were called by a workflow that has been already deleted.

As I explain, I believed that actions and workflow were running in background after the user clicked the save button.

Also, when I try it at cell phone the app screen stay like this, after clicking save:

The only solution was reinstall the appsheet app.

I hope you can give me another tip.