App Upgrade - Create new major app version

Is there any detailed documentation available for this?

It looks fancy.

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There’s this:

We use these features; ask away…

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Oh, thanks @Grant_Stead !

It honestly not paying attention to it, but will read carefully.

Still new things I need to learn.

Some Documentation

They also have version control feature which lets you mark a version as stable but can continue to modify the app… … but I believe its version control is part of business plan.

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Always more to learn!
Once an app is in production, I make a copy of it _DEV
I will make changes, etc to it, (I also use database partitioning so while I’m developing it’s pointed at test data/structure…) Then upgrade the original…

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Basically, I m rude enough… Work on app and change the definitions. Save. Instantly all the app user see the changes…

Interesting in your working way. It is quite often, it is probably ALL THE TIME, we touch the data schema, adding new field etc. This App Upgrade feature is saying the app will still collapse if we change the data source schema.

How are you dealing with such cases, using this App Upgrade feature? Copying the whole data set back and force is kinds of pain.


Same pain.

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If we could access the version number with CONTEXT() then we could combine this feature with Data Partitioning… Then at least users would never get crazy error, or not be able to sync data…