App usage - plan upgrade required

Hi All,

I made my first, small app for sharing my car between myself and three friends (personal use only).
The FREE plan mentions that it allows up to 10 users,
but I got an email stating that an upgrade of my plan is required within 3 days.

This is part of the email:
Alert: Plan upgrade needed: Some ‘personal’ apps have significant user activity (more than 3 users): carsharing-moonshine-3141955 Please disable the ‘Personal’ setting and treat them as regular apps with an appropriate plan

In the Manage>Author>Plan requirements, I get this view, stating that user signin is not allowed:

I am on the FREE plan.

Any suggestions on how to keep my app active under the FREE plan with less than 10 users as I intended?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Please contact for help with this.

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