App Version Control/Testing of App with Test Database vs Production Database

So I have finally arrived at a time where I am testing my first AppSheet application. I have downloaded the app to a mobile device (prototype app vs deployed) and have done some initial tests with more strenuous testing to follow.

However, here are some questions to consider that I was hoping the community can answer:

  1. The deployment check returned an error that I do not have the correct subscription (Pro Plan) to be running the application with a Cloud DB datasource. Since I received the special Pro Plan with DB connection coming from AppMaker I was wondering if this error may affect the deployment of the application?

  2. Currently the application is really a test version and is connected to a database that is used strictly for testing purposes vs my production DB. What is the simplest way to control app versioning considering testing environments vs production environments? In that regards should I run 2 different applications one that remains connected to the Test DB and the other that connects to the production DB only? Would I perform any updates to the Test application and make sure it is stable and is there then a way to push the updates from the test application to the production application? Any input on this would be appreciated.

I appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

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