App with tables from MySQL database and special characters problem

Hello, I have app with mysql tables.
My problem is, when I add new row from appsheet and I use polish special characters, all special characters are saved as converted. For example “ą” is saved as a, ę => e, etc.
When I add new row from diffrent apps (not appsheet), its working fine, so database charset is correct. How to fix that? Could you help me please?

The other tools like zapier/integromat works well with that database and add polish special characters. Also appsheet read those special characters from database correctly. The problem only exists when I’m adding new row from the app-side… It converts all polish special characters… (I’ve checked also with German special characters and it was working good … looks like the problem is with polish spec. chars. )

I can only share my experience with a related issue, and my communication with support about it.

I was attempting to store emojis on a MySQL database. I had followed some guide that I found for how to set the charset, and was able to directly load emoji values into the database, externally from Appsheet. When viewing those records within Appsheet, those emojis displayed correctly. However if I attempted to save a record with an emoji character, or even if I edited an existing record with a working emoji, then the emoji disappeared. The eventual response I got back from Appsheet support was:

As you noticed by default MySQL doesn’t support emoji characters. We first noticed this when an AppSheet customer reported that their users were getting insert errors when adding text. The issue was that their end users were putting emojis in their text making it un-insertable in MySQL. To help with the default MySQL case we put in a fix to strip emojis from text when using a database.

Ideally we would detect the text format settings in MySQL and only remove emojis if the table doesn’t support them, but though that’s conceptually simple it actually requires a fair bit of code change on our side and isn’t something we can do quickly or easily. We can add this to the request list, but I can’t say when or if it would be addressed.

Now, whether or not this is the same issue in your case, I personally can’t tell you. But if I had to guess, it probably is.

I suppose having your native language’s characters be stored correctly is probably higher priority than storing emojis, so maybe you’ll have better luck?

I’ll respond to that support email again and point them to this post for you.

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Thank you!

At the moment Support team is looking at it:

Can you please provide the app name and also go to and check the option that enables support access? Please allow us some time to investigate your issue.

I will post here with updates.

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