App within an app


Is it possible to access 1 app from within another app? Ie. Due to delays in syncing, I am considering building another app to capture a subset of the data. I would like to be able to access a link to this app via another app’s dashboard.

Any thoughts?

Two apps can share data by simply configuring each app to use a common data source (such as a worksheet). But one app cannot display views of another app, nor invoke actions configured in another app. You can navigate between apps, but doing so effectively closes the app you start from and opens the app you’re going to, with the associated delays.

A common approach to app building is to have a simple app used by field staff to collect data, and a second used by office staff to analyze the data. In this model, the two apps share one or more tables that store the collected data. Each app may have non-shared tables needed for functions specific to each app.

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can any one help me .I have to link multiple apps in one app to get some table values and some columns are same in every app so i have to link multiple apps in one app to get some changes is that possible?

Every app that needs the data in that table needs to have that table configured. It’s okay for several apps to use the same spreadsheet.

Thank You

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