App won’t install on Samsung 9 phone

Any ideas or suggestions? New user. Used link I got from editor.

User said the link doesn’t work.

Would it help if I had him manually install AppSheet from the App Store then try the link?

Could it be that the email I added to the approve list is not what he’s using on his phone?


I would definitely try the manual install of Appsheet app. From there he’ll have to sign in via some email account, make sure he tells you which one he uses at this point.

Thanks. I sent him detailed instructions on how to do it starting with downloading AppSheet. I hope other phones don’t have issues.

In what way doesn’t it work?

He didn’t specify. I had him try several things and all I get back is that it still won’t work. I’m trying to set up a zoom call to walk him through it. I’ll report back when I found out what the issue is. I assume it’s user error but I’ve never even seen a Samsung phone. :joy:

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