App won't load "capacity was less than the current size


My app won’t load and has the error message in the screenshot. I have a lot of data so I have a “fast” and “slow” mode with an expression in the security filter that limits the amount of data searched in “fast” mode.

I was all workign fine until today when it won’t load in “slow mode”. I can go into the google sheet and change the cell that determines whether the security expression kicks in and it will load then.

Does anyone know what the error message refers to. I can reduce the amount of data maybe in the spreadsheet but don’t know if it’s something else.

I have previous versions that will load in slow mode - same amount of data.

Many thanks


I’ve tried to load earlier versions through the version history feature in the editor rather than ones that I have copied previosuly and they won’t load either.

Please contact for help with this.