Apple Sign in

I submitted an app to Apple yesterday and found out that Apple sign in is now required, if you have a sign in option. It appears that you will most likely need both. For example, if you use Microsoft as your authentication, on the App Store it will just need an option for either Microsoft or Apple.

Will this be an option in the future for authentication?

Hi @EIG,
Was your app submission rejected for this reason? Or was it just a warning?
Was it new app submission? Or an update to existing app?

Yeah, it was rejected because of that. See below. It was a new app submission.
Based on the link above, they started requiring it last September but any apps that are on the store already will be required to have it by April 2020. It looks like they are trying to compete more with Google to have a universal sign in for all of their apps similar to how Google uses your Google account to sign into multiple things. Submitting anything to Apple has always been a nightmare.

Thanks for letting me know.
We’ll try to speed up the work to add Apple log in.
Yes, the process to upload apps to the app store is not the easiest.

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I actually don’t care if it works. It just needs to have the apple sign in option, ask for user name and password, then reject them. We will never use it.

Good ol’ Apple making their platform harder and a bigger pain in the ass as always. I cannot wait to drop their devices from being supported and never touching or developing for iOS ever again.

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