Apply User Selection to multiple rows of data

Hi all, trying something new today with an Ordering App.

We have Orders and then Order Details (Requests). Multiple Requests can be associated with one Order (One to Many relationship).

Part of the process is selecting what Order No you want each request to relate to so the process is as follows

  1. Create Requests
  2. Create Order
  3. Assign Order No to Request(s)

In the case where there are multiple requests to be added to an Order we use quick edit and just select those order numbers from a dropdown, but there may be situations in which you have 50 lines to select the same Order No for - not impossible but definitely inconvenient for some.

We had requested a feature to cope with this but that was some time last year, we are thinking of creating some sort of three part action in which the following occurs:

The User selects the Order No as per usual from quick edit, that selection is logged against the current user email (we have a slice to keep record of this).

They then would use the mutli select action to change the value of the Order No to what is currently logged.

The third step would be to reset the logged Order No to 0 again.

This is obviously a rough outline to the process and hasnt been put into practice yet but I suppose I am asking the community if this seems plausible and if so, how can I log the users last selected Order No to apply it further.

The team had discussed user settings as an option but I struggle to wrap my head around it and how it would work in this case.

Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated here, thanks :slight_smile:

I have a sample app that allows the user to conduct a search on a table the create rows based on the search results here. It would be much of a change to modify the rows in the search results instead.