Appointment App

I am trying to develop an Appointment App.

  1. It will have a 30mins block.
  2. Only the selected day of the week will appear when the user wanted to add a new appointment.
  3. Has a lead time of 3 months.

Wonder if anyone out there has done something similar?

Yes I’ve done something similar. Please give more details as to how you want the user to use the App

Hi Simon,
Thanks for the response.

Basically the app should able to;1. Select a period of a day in 30min block.
2. Select a particular day of the week like Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
3. With 3 months lead.
4. Users can enter detail from another table on the selected date/time through the Calendar view.
5. Users should not need to enter dates per say but just selecting a time slot.

I hope this helps.


Hi @Kent_Wu

All that looks fine. But in Appsheet you cannot create entries directly in the calendar view, you have to do this via a form. So you’re users could look at the calendar view, choose a time/date, then click the “add diary entry” button and add a date an start time. The end time can be made to be the start time +30mins.

I have found a solution.

Time In = TIMENOW()
Time Out = [Time In] + 00:30:00

See Pict.

Happy App-ing,
Kent Wu