Appointment Setting

Hello, I work at a University. I need to reach out to Deans, Supervisors, Admins who employ student workers. We will show the units who they employed last year and ask if they plan to have the students return, or if we need to hire new students. We have 100 meetings to set in a short period of time.

I was looking for a combo Appointment setting / Calendaring / Dashboard CRM. I like the “Lead Tracker” app but am wondering about an appointment setting app.

Any advice?

Many times the gallery examples are just a starting point for continued design. In the abstract, your app could definitely combine appointments and contacts into list, calendar and assignment views!

As a no code platform there is somewhat of an expectation to jump in and start designing your specific solution custom fit to your scenario. Perhaps if you are looking for assistance, one of our expert community members might be able to work with you here, or offline? If you are looking for direct assistance, we can also put you in touch with a partner who can contract with you as well! Please let us know.

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