Appropriate mechanism for native language


There are ‘cost centers’ defined in a sheet from which users select the appropriate one while making an expense.

The options are in English, and many of the users being not versed in English, I had to change the names of every ‘cost center’ to a dual language, meaning each one was like this:
Name of cost center (Name in native language)

This was in a separate sheet than the main cost center sheet of our organization. To summarize all expenses under a particular ‘user cost center’, I had to use ifs statements, like if user cost center is this, company cost center will be this.

Though it hasn’t posed any problem until now, I know it will someday, as the mechanism is not seamless.

Now I have added a column in the main cost center sheet, that holds the name in native language for every ‘cost center’. I can make that column come up when a user attempts to choose a cost center with valid_if, with prospects to incorporate a ‘switch’ in the future that helps switch languages.

As to my question, how can I assign the expenses made under the ‘user cost centers’ (which are technically different names) to the main cost center? I have a virtual column for that ‘cost center’ sheet which sums the expenses under that cost center (using select). How can I include the ‘user cost centers’ too?

I know this is not too great an explanation, but I think I did get my point across.