Approval from Email

I have a workflow rule set up to send an email out upon a creation of a specific request. Currently, that email builds a link for the receiver to come back to the app and choose to say Y or N for approval. I’d prefer to set up a way for the email itself to have two links with one being an automatic approval and one being a denial. Is that possible? I’ve searched and I can’t figure out a way to set a value and save something using a link in that fashion. Thanks!

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For doing that, you would need to open the app. With a new record you could set default values with the link, but I assume you need to update an existing record and that’s not possible. With scripting that could be possible.

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By scripting, do you mean calling a google script web app? If I do that and make an update to the spreadsheet directly, I wouldn’t be able to call any of the AppSheet workflow and action rules, correct? Thanks!

@jp9219 Yes that’s true when you make the change directly in the spreadsheet. If you use Appsheet API, that will trigger the Workflow. Though for the Appsheet API you need business plan.