Apps are getting a material upgrade

Hi everyone,
As part of our further integration with Google, we’re adopting Material design to the apps you’re creating.
This will allow your apps to take advantage of Material’s robust design framework.

Starting Oct 6th, you’ll start seeing some app UI refinements over the next several weeks, such as:

  • Responsive layouts for card and deck views (more to come)
  • Usability improvements for mobile touch targets
  • Increased legibility for events in calendar views
  • Typographic hierarchy and contrast
  • Layout and aesthetic updates to views
  • A new card view choice

This shouldn’t affect any functionality in your apps, but if you do experience any bugs, please reach out as always…


Looking crisp and clean! Couldn’t be more excited.

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Very cool.


Wao…4 to go.

Looking forward to it!

Hope the component like “buttons” will be able to looking like ones in Material design as well.

Currently, we only have rounded / circle button only, hope to see options to change on demand of app users.



I’ve posted an update of what was deployed already to some of you.

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By the way, these “Feature Release Notes” should be easier to find:

I hope the category can be added to “What’s New.”

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Hi @Mike_Moss! Hi @praveen!

Please check out the following in relation to AppSheet’s adoption of material design: