Apps doesn't change data when saved. When saved it shows old data

apps doesn’t change data when saved, it shows old data.
when saved it shows old data also with functions it doesn’t change format rule when clicked. it stays the same in one view (even after sinck) bur for example in slice view it changes.
what i think is happening, is that it waits the change in data base and then it shows in apps, but it is a big problem when you do something and you expect it to change like before and it stays the same.
it is very frustrating.

I’m guessing you’re just venting here, because there isn’t enough information to troubleshoot.

no it is true it is not changing data when some thing is clicked and it needs to sinck to see the changes.
i will post a gif,

in one app when i pres the stop button it neds to turn form red to green and to show stop time it doesn’t do that, it stays like it was only when i do the sink it changes.
in second app, when you go in the form view and charge some data and go to detail view it show old data, only when i do the sink it changes .

in this gif what you can see is that wen we pres the button it needs to change from red to green but it wont, worked fine two days ago now it doesn’t react and i doeset change time for start and stop when presd.
this is in only in one app. (2)

@Steve this is only one app in others it is the sam problem it needs to sink all the changes so it could show chages that zou made

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Yep. Now that I’ve caught up with posts of the past six days, I suspect your experience is a known issue. Please contact for help with this.